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Tucked away in the mesmerizing Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise and a total experience than a destination. Have you ever been to somewhere you stand in sheer awe and in absolute disbelief that you are actually there? Sri Lanka is one such unbelievably incredible place on earth.

Captivating tranquil beaches, mesmerizing wildlife, breath-taking beauty of nature, sweeping picturesque vistas, evocative ruins unfolding a glorious history of 2500 years, multifarious cultural mix and irresistible authentic cuisine! There is no other place on earth to find all of these delights altogether but Sri Lanka. There are countless number of untold treasures hidden in this heavenly tropical island that you must explore at least once in your life time to complete your quest.

Step into this amazing island which is heading towards its status of one of the most sought tourist destinations in the world. From tropical island fun to expediting divine destinations to peaceful respites with nature to must-try local dishes to bustling nightlife to adrenaline pumping adventures, Sri Lanka has something for anyone and everyone.

Your stay in this tropical island is going to be one of the most unforgettable holiday gateways in your life and there is no doubt if you plan to fly back again and again because this island would cast a spell over you. Explore Sri Lanka with us! One must visit Sri Lanka at eats once in their lifetime.

Travel Information


Currency of Sri Lanka is Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR)

Time Difference

Sri Lanka is five and half Hours ahead of Greenwich time. (GMT +05:30) Colombo.


230-240 Volts 50 cycles AC (230-240V, 50Hz)

Information Service

There are several Tourist Information Centers (TIC) run by the Sri Lanka Tourism Bureau.

What to Wear

Cotton Clothing and lightweight suits are most suitable. As beach wear wide brimmed hats and sunglasses are recommended. In upcountry one should wear pullovers, medium thick slacks, as climate could turn cold. When visiting places of religious importance one must be properly attired. (like wearing longs). A pair of sandals would come in handy.

What to Declare

Tourists will have to declare currency, travelers cheques, drafts, etc. upon arrival, other valuable items like gold, silver, gems, jewellery, must be declared too.


  • Taxis : One could find taxis (Radio Cabs) operated by a number of companies. These are available on quick call within Colombo, Kandy and suburbs. If the taxis are not metered be prepared to bargain the fare
  • Auto-Rickshaws (Three Wheelers): always negotiate if the charge is more than Rs. 25 per Kilometer. These are omnipresent through the country.
  • Trains: traveling by train is the best way to see the country. Train routes cover the hill country, down south, northern dry zone and most other places of interest. One can travel to Kandy (Hill Capital) by the ways of early 19th century on “Viceroy special”, a locomotive consisting of luxury compartments and run by charcoal combustion.
  • Buses: Buses run by state along with privately maintained coaches maintain a comprehensive, island-wide network, which makes traveling cheaper and convent. Air-conditioned coaches operate between cities.

Sri Lankan Food

Rice and Curry

Rice is the staple food of the Sri Lankans. Almost every household in Sri Lanka takes rice and curry as its main meal. Meat, fish and vegetables are prepared as curries. Sliced onions, green chilies, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg and saffron are used to add flavors. A basic rice and curry requires one fish (or beef or chicken) curry, two different vegetables, one portion of fried crispy stuff like ‘papadam’, a ‘mallum’ of chopped leaves and coconut, and a gravy or ‘hodda’ of spiced and cooked with coconut milk.

Other main food items

Variety is synonymous with Sri Lankan food. Hence you will be taken through a dazzling array of succulent treats aimed at arousing your taste buds. Whether you are at a hotel or out sightseeing on the busy streets of Colombo, items such as kottu, hoppers, pittu, string hoppers and rotti made complete with a dash of chilli sambol would be readily available.


Happen to be holidaying by the coast? Then why not pick and choose from an assortment of seafood dishes, prepared in accordance with recipes that have thrilled foodies the world over. From juicy jumbo prawns to spicy crab curry, these dishes will not only provide diners with a fabulous experience, but would also serve as a great insight into local food traditions.


Whether it is a mix of buffalo curd with coconut treacle or vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, the desserts found in Sri Lanka are sure to make you want to crave for more. Numerous ice cream parlours can be found which are excellent places to catch up with friends. If you are staying at a hotel or resort, fresh fruit platters can be easily indulged in.

Traditional Sweetmeats

The best time to get a taste of the traditions and customs of the country would be during the religious festivals that are held throughout the year. Hot oil cakes referred to as ‘kavum’, ‘aluwa’ and ‘kokis’ can be enjoyed during the Sinhala and Tamil New Year while ‘Watalappam’, a pudding made with jaggery and egg white will be offered during the celebration of Ramazan.


Be it sweet oranges, bananas to the freshest strawberries that arrive from the cool climes of Nuwara Eliya, one is left with plenty to delight in. Many varieties of mangoes can be enjoyed while having a papaya juice will be a good way to begin the day. For those wanting an exotic twist, fruits such as rambutan, durian, mangosteen & pomegranate are among those that must be tried at least once.

Things to do

Kite Surfing

Kalpitiya situated in the North West Coast experiences strong breezes of around 18-20 knots and this enchanting coastal locale is the perfect place to enjoy the thrills of kite surfing. Skim along the waves as you harness the power of the wind that will take you on a ride you will not soon forget!


Embark on a captivating safari in Sri Lanka where one will come face to face with the island’s exotic wildlife. From leopard safaris in the Yala National Park to elephants sceneries in the Minneriya National Park, these safaris provide a thrilling journey that also gives you a chance to spot everything from bears to deer and crocodiles to a wide variety of birdlife.

Canoeing / Kayaking

Offering a laidback sightseeing adventure, canoeing or kayaking takes you on a fun journey along the island’s waterways. From lagoons to swamps, these areas are perfect for such activities and let you explore the rich natural landscapes that can be found bordering them, which are home to a fascinating range of flora and fauna.

White Water Rafting

Promising a thrilling ride on the rapids, white water rafting is an adrenaline pumping activity that offers plenty of fun thrills and spills for young and old alike. Kitulgala is the premier spot for such activities and the major and minor rapids in this area provide an action packed ride on the water amidst breathtaking natural scenery.

Bird Watching

Blessed with a rich natural heritage, the island is home to a wide range of endemic and migratory species that have made Sri Lanka a popular destination amongst bird watching enthusiasts. The island’s nature reserves attract many of these birds that can be seen amidst the foliage or flying in the skies above, be it the Purple Heron, Ceylon Junglefowl or the Shaheen Falcon.

Dolphin & Whale Watching

From the majestic beauty of Blue Whales and Sperm Whales to the playful antics of Spinner, Humpback and Bottlenose dolphins, dolphin & whale watching in Sri Lanka takes you on an unforgettable voyage. The country has become one of the premier destinations in the world for this activity providing you a unique chance to spot these fascinating marine mammals swimming freely in their natural habitat.

Hot Air Ballooning – Kandalama, Down South

Adventure takes flight with hot air ballooning in Sri Lanka, offering unparallel panoramic views of this island paradise. Taking place in areas such as Kandalama in the Cultural Triangle and Down South coastal region; in Kandalama one has the chance to enjoy unique vistas of the iconic Sigiriya rock fortress, while Down South excursions let you take in stunning views of the sun drenched coast.

Ayurveda Treatments

Based on ancient healing rituals and traditions, our Sri Lankan Ayurveda treatments provide holistic healing that help bring about peace for mind, body and soul. Utilising all natural herbs and ointments, such treatments which include head and body massages and herbal baths, help you unwind and restore that inner peace.

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